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Launched in February 2011, Brown Memsahib is a design blog focusing on art, architecture and interior design. Aside from being a design blogger, I also study and work at the Architecture Department at University of Cambridge.

I moved to Cambridge as a newly-wed. Leaving behind my beloved Delhi, my home for over twenty-five years. It was like switching from the Technicolor 80's to a sedate black and white silent movie.

I missed the colours, sounds and street food of Delhi. My drab little university flat made me long for the warmth of my ancestral home - the bustling kitchen always a hive of activity, a gaggle of women gossiping, laughing and cooking together. I could have given anything for them to come and enliven my kitchen, roll out rotis, chop vegetables and grind spices while our chatter bubbled like hot oil in a kadai.

This blog started as an outlet for all these mixed emotions, I used it as a visual archive as I set about building a new life in a foreign country. A country, that is a melting pot of cultures, food and design.

Brown Memsahib is a term that I often use to denote my state of mind – An Indian woman living the life of an English memsahib. It is a term that sums up my bemused state of existence and my aesthetic, which is shaped by the ongoing conversations between East and West. This blog is a collection of all things that appeal to the Brown Memsahib in me. Expect to find art, travel, food, outdoor living and memories with a big focus on interior design and architecture.

Welcome to a Brown Memsahib’s diary.



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