Saturday, June 9

Fun and Quirky Edinburgh Home

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I have a real treat for you today. Home of the Edinburgh based blogger Zoe who runs the popular blog - Conversation Pieces. Zoe has assembled a colourful and quirky home with a mixture of flea market finds, DIY and up-cycling.

In Zoe's words, "So… a little about me. Well, I’m an Edinburgh-based copywriter and freelance writer, who’s secretly a ‘frustrated artist’. Yes, my fondness of interior design comes from the fact that I can’t paint but I can paint furniture. (I think it’s why I also like styling and photography so much too!)".

Zoe made the this colourful rug herself using felt balls

All images via Florence Finds

Friday, June 8

Global décor for a Park Avenue apartment

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Sometimes, browsing through magazines, I come across a house which matches my idea of a dream home. And it makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I now have a picture to match to my thoughts and loads of ideas to inspire me when I eventually have a house of my own. And sad I do not know when that will be. So for now lets just drool over this beautiful home in Park Avenue, New York designed by Daniel Sachs.

It is the house of a globe trotter, someone who has travelled the world and fallen deeply in love with all things beautifully hand crafted. We see tribal textiles, Indian furniture, oriental pottery, Italian antiques and Turkish rugs.And everything is tastefully brought together with contemporary art.  

Robert Kime's octagonal ottoman is covered in a custom Suzani and he Ghiordes Turkish rug is from the 19th century. 

The entry hallway is a taster for the visitor as it neatly sums up what awaits them in the house. It shows off antiques from four countries — an Italian mirror, an Indian painting, a Flemish table, and a Swedish chandelier. A John Robshaw dhurrie completes the look.

Francesco Clemente's dramatic watercolors dominate the dining room

John Robshaw's pressed silver Indian chairs in the dining room.
A Satsuma porcelain baluster urn is tucked under an onyx-topped console in the dining room

In the living room, a Donald Baechler flower painting hangs over a comfortable armchair

The turquoise billiard cloth, Indian-inspired headboards and bed frames by John Robshaw and the antique map wallpaper in the boys' room are reminiscent of the colonial era hunting lodges in the Indian jungles. 

Sachs has drawn inspiration from Kashmiri Boathouses or Shikara's for the girls bedroom. A very feminine look with the curtains and the fabric-covered desk in Les Indiennes' Duchesse. The slipper chair is a Sachs L' indore design and is covered in Shikara by Nicholas Herbert

Canopied in billowing 18th-century Syrian embroidery, the master bedroom's handmade Indian silver bed is the apartment's grandest flourish. Its headboard is upholstered in Peter Dunham's Udaipur.

All images via House Beautiful

Daily Art: Self Portrait as a child by Kim Thompson

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Today's Daily Art is by upcoming artist Kim Thompson. According to Kim this artwork is, "Based on a composite of photographs of myself as a child, this recent piece is part of a series I am currently working on which reflects my current sense of self. Now approaching my late twenties, I feel increasingly aware of the notion of 'growing up', yet in 'serious' situations often still feel like a child pretending to so".  

Thursday, June 7

Daily Art: Infectious Alto by Thaniya McArdle

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This dazzling artwork is the creation of Florida based artist Thaniya McArdle who draws inspiration from tribal art. In her own words, "This painting is aesthetically inspired by my keen interest in the folk arts of Mexico and India, particularly in the intensity of their color palettes and their detailed patterns. This painting combines my love for tribal art with a contemporary urban aesthetic resulting in a fresh, vibrant abstract style that expresses the complexity and multiplicity of modern life through a youthful and jubilant perspective". More of her work can be seen here

Wednesday, June 6

Daily Art: Sushma Seth by Bonny Hazuria

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This is a mixed media piece by Delhi based artist Bonny Hazuria. The veteran actress Sushma Seth is wearing an eye-catching Benarasi saree and vintage pearl and diamond jewellery and the portrait   captures Sushma's natural elegance so well. I specially like the beautiful rendering of her sharp intelligent eyes and determined mouth. An expression we have seen so often in her on-screen portrayal of strong independent women. You can view more of Bonny's work here.      

Tuesday, June 5

A Townhouse transformed into a contemporary home

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Today's post is about a grand renovation - a traditional Townhouse's transformation into a stylish contemporary home. If you live in a Townhouse or a Terraced House, you can find loads of inspiring ideas for that renovation you have been planning. Personally, I do not need any excuses to ogle wide eyed at this stunning house. 

Designed by New York based studio Archi-Tectonics, this 3,400 square feet house was completed in 2011. As it is located in Chelsea, New York City, the architects have retained the traditional front façade. However, the rest of the house has been given a complete makeover. They have opened up the floor plan, fitted large glass windows on the rear façade and used a palette of natural tones to maintain the light and airy feel.

All images via HomeDsgn

Saturday, June 2

Diamond Jubilee: Union Jack Rooms

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Its the queen's diamond jubilee weekend and Union Jack's are aflutter across Cambridge, adorned on shop window displays, hanging from office windows, draped across cars and bicycles. The city centre is full of people wearing Union Jack hats, scarves and dresses. It's all incredibly festive, colourful and very  British. 

So why exclude our homes from all this festive cheer. The Union Jack is a powerful graphic and the iconic colour trio of red, white and blue can instantly liven up any room. So let's look at a few ways to use the Union Jack as a focal point in our interiors. 


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