Tuesday, April 19

Innovative storage solutions

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A few days ago, frustrated with the constant clutter in my small kitchen, I set about looking for innovative storage solutions. And came across these stylish glass drawers for the kitchen. They are so ingenious; I wished I had designed them. Cannot wait to get my hands on them and start stuffing them with pretty stuff. 

Not only do they look stylish, they are also a way to gain extra space. As they can be hung on a wall, attached to the bottom of kitchen cabinets and island units. Let your imagination go wild and fill them with staples such as beans, lentils, flour and sugar. Alternatively, make full use of the glass front drawers to display colourful items like candies, cookie cutters or fruit tea bags. 

I know exactly where I would put it, it would go above my counter and serve as a perfect little baking station filled with all my baking paraphernalia. Infact it is so versatile that I can imagine several different functions for it, it can be used to store stationary above a work desk or sewing station, used as a knitting cabinet or even a under a dresser where it would look delicious filled with make-up and jewellery. 
Modern and classic at the same time, they can add a rustic tone to your kitchen. Like in this kitchen where they look fabulous tucked under a rustic old table.

Thursday, April 14

My Kitchen Table

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We had some friends over today for wine, nibbles and board games. Here, have a peep at my kitchen table, laden with all sort of goodies - a cheese board, crackers, fruits, hummus and honey yogurt dip. Ofcourse the pride of place goes to the Blackberry lattice pie made from scratch by me! 

The table runner is Concetta by Habitat.

Tuesday, April 12

W Hotels Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island by Patricia Urquiola

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Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this beautiful W Hotels Retreat & Spa on Vieques Island is located off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Vieques was an undiscovered island before the hotel was built and is still mostly virgin land with stunning nature and wildlife, truly a beautiful island paradise.

The design compliments this setting perfectly. I have always admired Patricia Urquiola, the Spanish designer based in Milan. She is known for her attention to detail but she seems to have outdone herself here. Many colours have been used yet it does not feel overly colourful. Urquiola knows exactly when to stop,with her it's all about restraint and placement, for if you take away the accents, the interiors turn to nothing. I also like the innovative way of using locally available materials, specially the stone flooring and the cane chairs.

The interiors are eclectic but warm and welcoming at the same time. The design is like a breath of fresh air and every space makes me want to smile. Have a look and tell me if you feel the same. 

All images are via the Contemporist and you can visit the website for W Hotels Retreat & Spa, Vieques Island here.
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