Thursday, September 6

Pink and Black Rooms

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Pink is such a tempting colour, it is no secret that we girls adore it and can use it everywhere. But sometimes my love of Pink is shadowed by a niggling doubt. Will I seem terribly silly if I paint my  room Pink? A thought that makes the strict brown and olive-green clad, intellectual side of me cringe.  

I also worry if I would be considered inconsiderate, as the Pink affliction is universally restricted to the female sex and as much as I frown upon such generalisations, I have to agree that some men may decidedly feel out of place in a gloriously Pink family room. So for the sake of marital harmony I reign in my pink-asms. 

But then I come across rooms like this one, posted by isuwanee, this room is her mum's guest room and does she know how to use Pink or what! The room is undoubtedly feminine but not overly so, it is restrained by the use of black accents and an earthy neutral base like the sea grass basket and the beige bed skirt. I like how all the big solid pieces like the bed, side-table and mirror are black, they anchor the room and prevent it from getting too girlie. Isuwanee's mom has achieved the perfect balance in this room, soft with a streak of strong running through, just like us women.    

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