Tuesday, March 1

Contents: One Brown Memsahib

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Why do I call myself a Brown Memsahib?
I can struggle for ages and never be able to find the perfect words to explain my state of mind. Or I can just show you one image and you will know exactly how I feel. Like that in a split second!

Looking at photographer Gavin Fernandes’ work is as if somebody took a photograph inside my mind. Born in Kenya and originating from Goa in India, Gavin studied graphic design and photography in London and so the mixing of cultures is clearly visible in his work, specially his series – the Empire Line.
In Empire Line Gavin explores the powerful language of clothes and their ability to make political and cultural statements. He uses clothing to emphasize the conflict between class and caste in 19th century India ruled by the British Raj. And in the process successfully weaves the universal story of colonization into his images.
The images show women dressed in hybrid outfits with elements borrowed from both Victorian and native Indian styles. Conflict between the two sides is stark, with one style fighting to dominate the other. However, at another level, the styles blend and bleed into each other and you start looking beyond the clothing, and see the woman.

For more images from the collection visit www.gavinfernandes.com

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