Tuesday, April 19

Innovative storage solutions

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A few days ago, frustrated with the constant clutter in my small kitchen, I set about looking for innovative storage solutions. And came across these stylish glass drawers for the kitchen. They are so ingenious; I wished I had designed them. Cannot wait to get my hands on them and start stuffing them with pretty stuff. 

Not only do they look stylish, they are also a way to gain extra space. As they can be hung on a wall, attached to the bottom of kitchen cabinets and island units. Let your imagination go wild and fill them with staples such as beans, lentils, flour and sugar. Alternatively, make full use of the glass front drawers to display colourful items like candies, cookie cutters or fruit tea bags. 

I know exactly where I would put it, it would go above my counter and serve as a perfect little baking station filled with all my baking paraphernalia. Infact it is so versatile that I can imagine several different functions for it, it can be used to store stationary above a work desk or sewing station, used as a knitting cabinet or even a under a dresser where it would look delicious filled with make-up and jewellery. 
Modern and classic at the same time, they can add a rustic tone to your kitchen. Like in this kitchen where they look fabulous tucked under a rustic old table.


  1. Can I ask where you purchased these drawers from? I haven't been able to find them anywhere!

    1. Hi S, sure you can find them at IKEA. All the best with your search

  2. Haha, we have them in my kitchen and I'm trying to find them for someone else. If I find them I'll be back to let you know

  3. Found them. They are called Forhoja (or sometimes Forhoja glass drawers) they seem to sell for €90 and don't seem to come up too often when I looked at completed listings. As I type this there are about 3 on ebay.de

  4. IKEA have discontinued the glass drawers of the FÖRHÖJA series ... so annoying :(! These would be brilliant in any kitchen for rice, seeds, nuts, flower etc. I've seen some on eBay for 3x the original price, usually sold within a short time, any glass manufacturer out there, such drawers will make you a fortune!


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