Tuesday, February 22

A stunning Black and White space: Logomo Cafe, Turku

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Turku as the official European City of Culture for 2011 recently inaugurated a new grand cultural arena. The arena is will host a variety of exhibitions and shows ranging in themes from flames and football to photo and video art. But despite all the exciting exhibits, everybody’s attention and admiration has been fixated on the stunning café.
German artist Tobias Rehberger is the designer behind the gorgeous Logomo café. He has used Artek furniture as a base to create an interior space, which combines painting, sculpture, architecture and design. At first glance, it looks like the handiwork of children with black marker pens gone wild in a white room. However, the moment you notice the details you realize that it is clearly the result of a very clever and precise mind. 
The space stuns and confuses and at times it is hard to make out the difference between the floor and chairs or walls. To create this effect, Tobias drew from camouflage technique developed by the Brits in World War I, which makes the perception of the space optically difficult. 
Blurring the boundaries between interior space and art installation, Logomo café allows the public to practically step into an artwork and experience it while having fresh brewed coffee and pumpernickel. Have a look at the amazing space and see for yourself.

All images courtesy Artek

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