Saturday, July 16

Period living in Wales: Victorian Mill House

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I am back from my wonderful holiday in Wales and find myself completely obsessed with the quaint Welsh cottage style. I promise this phase will pass quickly, like my other fleeting obsessions, but before it does let me share a beautiful renovated old mill house. This Victorian mill and stables were transformed by owner Linda Cobbett into a functional home and was judged the Best Period Renovation of 2010 by UK magazine Period Living.

Linda retained several original features, which are the remnants of the industrial use of the building, such as the large metal windows, natural textures like the stonewalls and the wooden floorboards. Other components such as the old drive wheel of the mill has been used as a unique chandelier in the living room. 

The U shaped kitchen island, formerly used as a counter in a sweet shop 

All images via Period Living

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