Saturday, January 21

How to design a room with a Autumn/Winter theme?

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It’s winter and I have this urge every evening to tuck my toes under me and curl up in a big armchair with a soft warm throw. Add to that a cup of hot chocolate and a good book and I am transported back to my childhood and Enid Blyton’s stories set in English cottages.
A traditional English room matches this mood perfectly. With its wood paneled walls, great stone fireplaces and cozy leather armchairs it is a perfect escape from cold weather. Cambridge University has many such beautiful rooms, which seem to be plucked straight out of Hogwarts castle. And it is simply wonderful to be able to wander in and sit next to the fireplace sometimes.

I have recently moved house and am using the elegant rooms pictured above as inspiration to transform my drab grey university apartment. Recreating this look in our homes is quite simple; we just need to deconstruct and understand its basic elements. Perhaps we can start by focussing on a single corner of the living room and make it cozy. Add an armchair, a stack of books, a tall lamp, throws and cushions in warm earth tones or a footstool to rest tired feet on, like this one made by Kiran Ravilious.
A heavy wooden chest of drawers can provide the same sense of backdrop as the wooden paneling in this Jonathan Adler designed room. A roaring fire is the perfect accessory to project all the warm colors – orange, red, amber into your interiors. But if you don’t have a fireplace do not despair. Grouping candle stands together, or a chandelier in bronze or brass can instantly provide that golden glow to any room.  
Top Tip:  Displaying fruits like apples and figs with walnuts and pine cones in a rough carved wooden platter is also a quick way to bring the seasonal theme into your room.

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