Monday, February 13

Madrona House in Seattle

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It is a horrible Monday again and I am sitting tired and bleary eyed on my desk. To add to my misery it is freezing cold and windy. The snow is melting to form muddy slush and I have reached the office skidding, slipping and risking my life on black-iced sidewalks. Understandably my mood is on the lowest possible setting and clearly I am in desperate need of some Vitamin D. Let's seek out some bright light filled spaces before I bore you with more melodrama!

This house with interiors designed by Seattle based Robin Chell Design provides the perfect antidote. It even has a cheery Mediterranean sounding name - Madrona, which conjures up images of beaches, verandahs, coconut trees and sun dresses. 

Designed by Bennet Lavacot Architects, this modern 3400-square foot home overlooking Lake Washington was designed to maximize the expansive views and encourage the interplay between the indoors and outdoors. It has a lush  courtyard and makes use of natural and honest materials like exposed concrete, natural stone, blackened steel and sustainable hardwood

All images via Robin Chell Design.Visit their website here.

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