Tuesday, June 5

A Townhouse transformed into a contemporary home

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Today's post is about a grand renovation - a traditional Townhouse's transformation into a stylish contemporary home. If you live in a Townhouse or a Terraced House, you can find loads of inspiring ideas for that renovation you have been planning. Personally, I do not need any excuses to ogle wide eyed at this stunning house. 

Designed by New York based studio Archi-Tectonics, this 3,400 square feet house was completed in 2011. As it is located in Chelsea, New York City, the architects have retained the traditional front façade. However, the rest of the house has been given a complete makeover. They have opened up the floor plan, fitted large glass windows on the rear façade and used a palette of natural tones to maintain the light and airy feel.

All images via HomeDsgn

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