Monday, June 6

Having fun with Marimekko!

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I just love Marimekko. More so because the company is always looking for ways to encourage people to have fun with their products – be it through the craft book Surrur or the Marimekko tribe. These initiatives help bring people together in a positive way.

Such an initiative was planned for the Marimekko space at the International Design Festival Berlin held from 1st-5th of June 2011. There were interactive workshops on each day of the event under the theme of “Why Not Together”. These explored the different seasons, as they play a special role in Finnish society and affect how Marimekko creates products.

Each day was marked with a change in mood and atmosphere – with a long table laid out with seasonal fabrics. Different activities were planned for each day, inviting people to create using Marimekko fabric off-cuts. 

Etsy’s local Berlin office also participated with an activity of their own using the same fabric off-cuts. The Marimekko table was an intense area of concentration with people spending from 20 mins to a few hours creating bags, ornaments, jewellery and even voo-doo dolls.

All images courtesy Marimekko blog.

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