Wednesday, June 29

Innovative stairs

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I am always on the lookout for interesting stair design, and this staircase by architect Francesco Librizzi definitely grabs attention. It was designed for a 1900’s house in Milan. The client required extra space but did not want the original tiles, windows and doors to be tampered with.

Seems like an impossible task but Librizzi came up with a  simple and elegant solution – his idea was to insert a mezzanine into the double height space and connect it to the ground floor with a 2D frame staircase. Although I like the striking design, I cannot help but think that the stair treads look very uncomfortable. If I were the user, I would certainly prefer stepping on a flat and broad bar. Maybe it's just me, but  I believe that good design has to be comfortable and functional along with being visually appealing.   

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