Wednesday, March 21

Cycling towards the Sunset

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I live on the West Cambridge Site, a new part of town which was built by the Cambridge University to provide housing for graduate and post graduate students. It is considered very bleak and desolate due to its industrial style architecture and large parking lots. In character, it is a complete opposite to the vibrant historic city core and some people jokingly refer to it as the “East Berlin” of Cambridge.

However, being situated at the edge of town with vast open fields to the West has one redeeming feature – gorgeous sunsets! Each evening when I cycle back home along the Coton Footpath, I see before me a most stunning display of natural beauty. The setting Sun slowly heading for the horizon and then bursting into myriad shades of orange, blue and purple. I find myself looking forward to this as it provides a perfect end to a long tiring day - relaxing and re-energizing me at the same time.

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