Sunday, April 29

Daily Art : Daniel Gonzalez Coves

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Net no.4 is a stark painting by Spanish artist Daniel Gonzalez Coves, but the attention to detail lifts it out of the ordinary. The subject is shown sitting sideways so that we only see her profile. She appears to be wearing a man’s shirt and is either listening to someone or lost deep in thought. Even though we can only see her profile she seems tense and there is a strange melancholic aura surrounding her.The painting can lend itself to several interpretations and that adds to its attraction.

Daniel lives and works in Valencia, more of his work can be viewed here.


  1. Thanks for dropping by An Indian Summer! What a lovely blog you have! I am your latest follower :)

  2. Awww thank you so much Bhavna, it means a lot, specially because it comes from you :)


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