Friday, April 13

Food Discovery Friday - Pink Radish!

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Food discovery for today has to be the pink radish, for it is such a contrast to the radish commonly eaten in India. Back home a radish is usually white and extremely pungent, so pungent that it would make your eyes water. They certainly always made mine water and I never liked them. So imagine my surprise when I saw these small pink jewel like vegetables in the radish section. They looked so pretty, I had to try them and I am glad I did, they taste much milder and sweeter than the radishes I am used to.  
As the weather slowly gets warmer, I am beginning to like salads again and salads are the perfect place to put pink radishes. Being so mild, they lose their flavor on cooking, so they are best enjoyed raw and combine very well with most types of salads – you can toss some with mixed leaves to create a pop of pink or mix them with potatoes to make a Russian style salad, they also go well with cucumber and apples.
However, the recipe that I really like combines them with oranges. It makes for a very colorful salad with the zingy citrus flavor a perfect partner to the peppery radishes. Adding Parsley enhances the sharp citrus theme of this salad and the green looks gorgeous next to the pinks and oranges. I like to call this my Vitamin C salad, as all the ingredients are rich in this Vitamin; in fact, Parsley contains more Vitamin C than oranges!  
Here's the recipe. It serves two people. 
10-12 Pink Radishes
1 Large Orange
Handful of chopped Parsley
Juice of half a Lemon (for the dressing)
Slice the radishes thinly in round disks. Peel the Orange and remove skins and seeds from the slices, chop these in half. Now just combine these with the Parsley and Lemon juice. And you're done! 
My vitamin C salad sitting on the window sill and matching perfectly with a Cherry tree in bloom.  
No I do not have an in-house stylist, it's just a happy coincidence.Thank you Nature!


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