Monday, May 21

Daily Art : Not. ID 003 by Takahiro Kimura

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Takahiro Kimura was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1965. His education at Salesian Polytechnic involves technology of painting, graphic design, skill of drawing, landscape painting and fashion drawing.

Starting his artistic career in 1991, Kimura combined all these skills to develop a very unique personal style.  He makes collages by cutting up photos and rearranging them onto a canvas to which colour is then applied, creating a highly original effect.

Since 2003, Kimura has become interested in faces, producing a series of collages on this theme. There is a sense of dynamism in each portrait, it seems like the subject was captured in mid-sentence. Their faces still appear lit up with emotion. Although the images are composites of several photographs, Kimura deftly breathes life into the anonymous faces. In his own words "He wants to capture dreamy, hallucinatory and constantly mutating movements of people in his drawings".

View more of Takahiro Kimura's work here.

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