Wednesday, May 23

David Trubridge lights

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"I work within the limits of what I have & know, 

simplicity & low impact, 

natural materials & process, 

leaving a delicate footprint." 

David Trubridge 

A beautiful and simple design philosophy which defines, English designer David Trubridge’s work. Based in New Zealand, he creates these beautiful, sculptural, energy efficient and sustainable light fixtures. His inspiration comes from nature - the flora, fauna, and sea life of Australia & New Zealand. The lights are made of Bamboo plywood and come neatly flat-packed in cardboard boxes. The user can quickly and easily assemble them at home. 

All credits for this post go to the Accessorator. The images are from her post about David Trubridge and his lights as featured at ‘Wanted Design 2012’ during International Contemporary Furniture Fair.
        LED lit 'Baskets of Knowledge' based on a New Zealand Moari myth.

New series of mini plywood kitset lights by David Trubridge. Shown with painted interiors are KouraKinaHinaki,Floral and Coral.

Aluminium Coral lights

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