Sunday, May 13

Room 39

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If you haven’t checked out Room39 already, I would recommend you head there as soon as you’ve read this post. Founded in 2010 by designer Petra Green, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular interiors shop on the web. Petra has made sure that its chock full of refreshing designs from her in-house team as well as other artists. In her own words, she chooses products that “marry ancient craft techniques with modern technology to produce the brand's signature look: tradition with a twist." 

The products on display on the website fit this description to the tee. Especially the new screen-printed cotton 'Knit Knit' bed linen, with a graphic pattern inspired by crocheted textures. The stunning geometric print looks similar to Crochet stitches and reminds me of my grandma’s lace curtains. A range of zesty bubblegum colors - Ink, Pink, Banana, Tangerine and Sky, complement the traditional look. Even small details like packaging have not been forgotten: the bed linen comes packed in little drawstring bags with neon tags. 

To go along with the Knit Knit range is the beautiful feathery 'BelaBela 1∞' Light. Hand assembled in Slovenia, these delicately textured lights are entirely recyclable and so hard wearing they can even be machine-washed. I'm thinking about hanging one of these dreamy lights over my bedside table. 

Another highlight is the 'Technicolour' cushion collection, made of contrasting panels; these have been featured on The Sunday Times Home supplement and Elle Decor. Inspired by the colour-blocking trend they look amazing lined up in a row, the perfect dose of colour to jazz up any old dull sofa.
All images via Room 39.

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