Tuesday, May 15

Inspired by India at Sotheby's

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Today was the last day of the Inspired by India exhibition hosted by auction house Sotheby’s in London. The show featured textiles, ceramics, jewellery, furniture and photography by established designers, such as Alice Cicolini, Rahul Kumar and Sabyashachi Mukherjee and up-and-coming artists such as Els Woldhek and Pia Wustenberg, all of whom have been inspired by the culture, colours and crafts of India. Their work demonstrates how traditional Indian skills can be incorporated into contemporary work.

The show’s curator Janice Blackburn who has travelled extensively to India said about her choice of designers - “I mixed designers based in India with others who are truly ‘inspired’, the designers I selected use the best of fine, original design without compromising the rich tradition of India’s hand-making processes.”

So just in case you missed the exhibition, I have put together a selection of products for you right here. Enjoy! 

Gita Pandit Photography

Pieces from Alice Cicolini's collection Silk Route
Pia Wüstenberg's jewel-toned stacking vessels
Rahul Gupta's earthen pots
Woldhek’s striking table,which combines desi basket-weaving
 and European thatching techniques
Gunjan Gupta of Wrap presented her throne chairs
Images courtesy Sotheby's and Alice Cicolini.

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